“Option #1” Day

1 09 2009

Two weekends ago on a Saturday morning my kids came and jumped on me in my bed and asked what we were going to do for the day.  I was still trying to decide because my parents had just called and invited us to go to the lake with them, so I thought I would let the boys decide.  I say, “So, Option #1 is to do our date day (where I take Luke to do something and Todd takes Payt to do something), or Option #2 is to go on the boat with Nana & Gramps at the lake.”  They chose the boat, so that’s what we did and we had a great time.

This past Saturday, Luke comes running into our room and announced that he wanted to do “Option #1.”  Not really recalling the conversation from a week previous because of my sleep haze, it took a few minutes to realize what he wanted to do, but it sounded good, so that was the plan.  Luke and I were coming up with ideas of what to do with our special day, but Payt was not happy.  If you didn’t already know, Payt is a momma’s boy.  He wanted to do something with me, not daddy.  Well, Luke and I were already set for a date, but in order to appease Payt I said he and daddy could meet us at the dollar theatre and we would all watch a movie together after we did our “dates.” 

Luke and I went to the mall because he wanted to look at Halloween costumes in Halloween Express.  We killed a lot of time and an Icee at the mall, then headed to the movies.  We met Payt and Todd there and settled in to watch “Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (again) with our popcorn and drinks.  It was all good until I realized we were in a theatre with a crazy family.  It all began when an older lady behind me tells her grandson to steal my purse because she likes it.  Then the boy (who is probably 13) comes up to me and announces what his grandma said (as if I couldn’t hear her).  Then, the youngest grandchild with them, who must have only been about 2, proceeds to run around the entire movie theatre.  Then the movie starts and the lights go down.  Child is still roaming the aisles of the theatre.  Not only is it distracting watching this little person moving all around, he keeps stopping to talk to people (DURING THE MOVIE) and asking for their food and drinks.  His grandma and grandpa don’t feel the need to stop him, either.  This went on for the ENTIRE movie.  So, grandparents and parents everywhere… I beg of you… PLEASE do not let your young children roam the theatre.  You make all the sane people around you worry about the safety of your child, while at the same time annoying the crud out of them.  It’s rude.  If they can’t sit still, newsflash: you can rent a movie at home.

Wow, soapbox over.  At any rate, I had a great time with Luke and am looking forward to the next “Option 1” day when I get to have a date with Payt.

*Sorry for rambling.  I’m tired.


Summer Rewind

18 08 2009

I’ll try to get you all caught up quickly:

It all began one sweltering hot Oklahoma afternoon at the end of May.  I had just picked up my youngest child from his last day of school and I was feeling excited to pick up my oldest from his last day of school, as well.  I envisioned a fun evening of frolicking in the yard, maybe dinner out on the town, but first I had to wade through the horrendous casino traffic.  I’m cruising down the Interstate in the exit lane when *BAM*!!! Some jerk crosses the doublw white lines right at the exit and causes a 3-car accident (of which mine is the third car).

Car Accident

So, a couple hours and a wrecker service later, I made it home, no longer in the mood to celebrate.  It was many, many weeks later when I would get my beloved Toyota back.

In the meantime I was working my last days as the Communications Director at Alameda.  When I say working, I mean mostly hanging out, then training my wonderful replacement.  It was a good 8 years working there, but I’m so glad to have made the decision to stay home.

The end of June not only brought my last days of work, but British soccer camp for Payt and his Red Tiger teammates. It was suffocatingly hot, but it was in the evenings and he had a great time!

Next we jetted off to Arkansas (ok, so maybe we drove) for my annual family reunion.  All of my dad’s brothers and sister made it this year.  It was so good to see everyone!  We also got to see and stay with my mom’s family.  The boys had a great time playing and riding horses!


As soon as we returned from Arkansas, it was time for Luke to go to Adrian Peterson Football Camp.  He begged to go to football camp and as luck would have it, a great friend had the opportunity to pick a few kids to go for free (shout out to Brian & Jenny L!).  So, Luke got to go and play his heart out.  Now, when I say soccer camp was hot- it was NOTHING compared to how hot football camp was.  It was 3 or 4 mornings from about 8:30-12:30 of at least 106 degrees.  I nearly had a heat stroke after the first day (really, I’m not kidding), but Luke did great!  He was so excited to make an interception against all the older boys! And of course, AD was there.

Adrian Peterson Football Camp

(That’s Luke in the front row by AD’s left knee)

That rounded out June.  July was full of trips to the library and playing outside.  It was also the month of my 30th birthday (YIKES!). My incredible husband planned a wonderful surprise for me… he invited some of my friends to join us for dinner at Sweet Basil, then we went to Pole Position for some awesome go-kart racing.  We had a blast! And, I have to say, 30 doesn’t feel like a big deal to me at all.

In August we took an extended vacation and went to see Todd’s fam in Indiana, then to meet up with all of Todd’s old college roommates from 614 and their families in Wisconsin.  What a fantastic trip!  Well, there was a lot of driving, which was NOT fantastic, but we had great visits both in Indiana and WI.  Luke and Payt went fishing for the first time ever with Grandma and Grandpa in Indiana.  Payt wasn’t all that interested, but it was the start of much more fishing to come from Luke.  He loved it and caught several fish!


Meeting up with all of the 614 crew was so much fun.  It was the first time that we had met most of their children (it’s been 10 years since they graduated college together at OU).  We stayed in some cabins on a lake and all the kids really had a great time together.  We spent every night around a campfire roasting marshmallows and talking.  It truly was so much fun… I can’t wait til the next reunion!


Three days after we returned from the big trip, the boys had their first day of school.  Payt is now in all-day Pre-K and Luke is in the 1st grade.  They both love their classes and are (so far) happy to be at school.

First Day of School

And that brings us to now.  So, consider yourself caught up.

Uh oh… Is She Back???

17 08 2009

Um, yeah… I know, it’s been forever!  Because my dear friends (all 3 of you who used to read this) keep pestering me to get back to the blog… well, here I am!

So, a little has changed since the last post- namely I am no longer going to school.  I am also no longer employed.  Both are my own choosing.  I quit my job in June so I could be a stay at home mom.  I got to enjoy most of the summer at home with the kiddos, not to mention a few vacations before school started last week.  Now both my precious boys are in school all day and what am I doing with myself?  Well, I am volunteering at my church with their benevolence program, volunteering at the Outreach Center, my old campus ministry, volunteering as the teacher appreciation coordinator for the school PTO, not to mention trying to get my house clean and making time to do things for myself. 

All that being said, a lot has gone on!  So, tune back in and I’ll start catching up on my posting.  I mean it.  Check back tomorrow and I promise I will post something else! 🙂

My Poor Neglected Blog

6 04 2009

Wow… it’s already been a month since I last posted?  Pesky FaceBook… you’re always keeping me from blogging!  So, how’s life treating you, my blog friends?  Here’s what’s been shakin’ in my world:

Payt has started his very first soccer season.  We are so blessed that he was able to be on his good buddy Wyatt’s team.  He is loving it!  He has scored in every game is totally proud of himself after every play.  Each small break includes him looking at me with a “thumbs up” sign and a strut the likes of which you have never before seen from a 4-year-old.  It is hilarious and so much fun to watch!

Luke has now lost a total of 4 teeth  He is currently missing his two front (top) teeth.  I can take a lot of things, but crazy looking teeth hanging on by a thread and sticking out at unnatural angles completely grosses me out.  I don’t want to look or touch, but last night I helped my sweet boy get his tooth out with a quick twist and a yank.  N ow he is toothless and cute!

I enrolled in college classes today.  Yes, that’s right.  Did I mention I’m going back to school to become a Respiratory Therapist?  Yeah, I know… big change from Graphic Design/Advertising, but hey, I can do whatever I want to do!  So now I am enrolled to take 7 hours worth of classes this summer: Chemistry (with a lab) and Medical Terminology (this one I’m taking online… ain’t I hip?).  I also enrolled in my Fall classes: Human Anatomy and Clinical Microbiology.  Both have labs.  Yippee!  I’m just taking a few classes at a time to get all my prereq’s for the intensive program, which will start in August 2010.

So, I’ve been keeping busy and having fun with the fam.  Todd is good… working and getting back into running.  We had a nice date at the Outback Saturday night.  Fun times.  So here you go.  Sorry for the lag in blogging… I’ll TRY to be better.  In the meantime, you should really get on FaceBook and request me to be your friend. 😉

Happy 4th Birthday, Payt!

4 03 2009


Today is my baby’s 4th birthday, my how time flies!  Payt is getting so big.  Not only are all his pants getting shorter on him, he is growing in so many other ways.  He’s learning so much about letters and numbers and even a little math.  He’s become a slightly more picky eater since his last birthday, when he would eat whatever you put in front of him.  He still eats almost anything, but he’s a little more choosy now.  That certainly doesn’t affect how much he eats, though… enough to eat me out of house and home!

Payt’s favorite thing to play is Star Wars with his brother and his buddies at school.  It goes without saying that those are also his favorite movies.  I’m pretty sure he could tell you exactly which color light saber each Jedi has (and he frequently goes through that list every morning in the car on the way to school).

School is lots of fun for Payt.  He has made so many friends, and I know he will be sad when he realizes he won’t be at school with any of them next year.  He is definitely known as the “entertainer.”  He loves to sing and dance and puts on a great show for whoever is around.

Most of all, Payt is such a sweet-spirited kid.  He is always happy and smiling.  Very outgoing and cuddly.  He calls me his “Snugglebug,” and that’s what he likes me to call him, too.

Happy birthday to my sweet Payter Tot (I mean, Snugglebug)!

Happy Birthday, Luke!

24 02 2009


My oldest child is 6 today… I can’t believe it.  In some ways, it seems he’s always been with us, in other ways it seems there’s no way he could possibly be 6 years old!  I am so proud of my sweet boy.  At 6 years old, Luke is in Kindergarten, playing basketball, preparing for swim lessons, and he can do a headstand longer than anybody I’ve ever met in my life.  He excels at reading (his teacher just tested him on the 2nd grade word list, which he got 100% correct), likes to play video games, playing with his dog, and helping his younger brother.  He and Payt are such good buddies and Luke enjoys having his little bro look up to him.

He has been riding a two-wheel bike (no training wheels!) since the beginning of last summer and has no fear flying down our long driveway at insane speeds on his bike.  He loves swimming, going out on boats, and especially going to Nana ad Gramps’ house.  His favorite restaurant is Red Lobster, though he also loves City Bites.  He likes to eat healthy food  and isn’t always interested in candy like a certain little brother. 

His favorite movie(s) are the Star Wars movies.  He is often having lightsaber fights with Payt.  Luke is understanding what money is and is quite proud of the money he has been saving (likely for another DS game!).  I’m not sure that there is another 6-year-old on the planet who eats as much as Luke (and is as skinny as he is!).

There is so much to say about this wonderful boy, but most of all, he is truly a kind-hearted, sweet kid, and I love him soooo much.  Happy Birthday, Luke T.!

Luke’s 6th Birthday Party

21 02 2009

Luke's 6th Birthday

Today we had Luke’s Star Wars themed birthday party at one of his favorite places.  It was so much fun to see him running around with all of his friends… I think everybody had a great time.  Luke’s actual birthday is on Tuesday, so more then.  For now, keep scrolling down below to see more pics.